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Dr. Terrence Fullerton


Dr. Arvel Hunter

Agro Services International was established in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1973 and moved to Orange City, Florida in 1978.

Dr. Arvel Hunter obtained his training in Agronomy, Chemistry and Soil Chemistry at Brigham Young University, Ohio State University and North Carolina State University. He has worked as a fertility specialist at several Universities as well as in the commercial sector.

As the Regional Director of the International Soil Fertility Evaluation and Improvement Program at North Carolina State University, he received international recognition for his work in developing integrated systems of soil and plant analysis that reliably predict the nutrient requirements of crops. He has established laboratories in many countries and has considerable field experience in both tropical and temperate crop nutrition.

Dr. Terrence Fullerton was trained in Analytical Chemistry and Soil Chemistry at The University of the West Indies in Trinidad and at the International Fertilizer Development Center in Alabama. He has managed soil laboratories in the Caribbean and worked as a consultant to many international commercial and non commercial organizations.

He has developed several customized fertilizer products and practical nutrient management systems to suit diverse soil and cropping conditions and has earned a reputation for successfully improving crop production on traditionally low-yielding soils.